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The Issues

Education in Our CommUNITY

Jessica supports the village mentality! It takes policy makers, administrators, teachers, parents, and students all working together to achieve the best possible outcome for our children to be successful.


Educators' Voices

Our educators' working conditions are our children's learning conditions! We must listen to AND meet the needs of our educators to ensure our children are getting the best possible education.

Students' Choices

Jessica supports a well rounded curriculum! We must adequately prepare our children for the workforce by providing a holistic curriculum that offers education and training in areas from humanities to technology and all in between.

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Polyamory Dating Sites

Dating sites allow people to meet online and engage in a romantic or sexual relationship. The purpose is typically to date for sexual or personal reasons, but sometimes these relationships can be a little more complex. Many of these sites are free and easy to use. In this article, I will briefly explain how these services can benefit you. Also, I'll explain how they're different from offline dating services. So, should you join a dating site?

Plentyoffish is a dating site that gives its members unlimited chats. The site allows users to send as many as five messages per hour to potential matches, as well as create their own groups based on location, interest, and gender. Besides, Plentyoffish allows users to set up a second profile that's private, which means you can find someone who shares similar interests with you. If you're not interested in meeting other single people, you can still use a free polyamory dating sites to meet your next partner.

Some dating sites require you to provide basic profile information such as age and location. The advanced search function may ask you to indicate whether you're married or living together. Non-monogamy is not recognized on these sites, and the only option is to use a pseudonym, which means your profile will be anonymous. Other websites will have a messaging system that makes it easier for anyone to send you anonymous messages, so you can feel comfortable sharing your life with new people.