Calling on the Village...


On November 6th, we urge each of you to head to the polls and cast your votes, let your voices be heard each time you bubble in a circle! As you know, this country is in a state of disarray and we must collectively place solution-driven people to fill the seats in local, state, and federal legislation!-/

Education is a prime component that affects every single person as it determines the trajectory for the future! It's important that we elect Jessica as she will fight with teachers for better pay and working conditions, she will fight with stakeholders of public education to ensure that funds are no longer diverted from the Education Trust Fund for privatization of education, and she will fight to make sure that all of our children have access to an equitable education.


Your investment is an opportunity to be part of something bigger.  No amount is too large or too small. Invest in Alabama's children today!

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