The issues

Education in the CommUNITY

Jessica supports the village mentality! It takes policy makers, administrators, teachers, parents, AND students all working together at ALL levels of the decision-making process to achieve the best possible outcome for our children to be successful. We, as the commUNITY, must work together to take our voice back from the BIG businesses and career politicians.

Educators' Voices

Jessica believes the saying, "Our educators' working conditions are our children's learning conditions"! We must listen to AND meet the needs of our educators to ensure our children are getting the best possible education. 

Students' Choices

elbliaJessica supports a well rounded curriculum and inclusion for ALL! We must adequately prepare our children for the workforce by providing a holistic curriculum that offers education and training in areas from humanities to technology and all in between. AND... such a cirriculum should be available to ALL students regardless of diasbilities, socio-economic factors, race, culture, and/or religion.


Help Jessica change BIG business interests in Alabama's educational system and restore the commUNITY's voice. Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. 

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Roll Up Your Sleeves & Let's Get To Work for Our Children!

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